Dear Madam, Sir,
The first invoice of L Vyncke & Sons from Gullegem dated 8-9-1946 shows Rubis


Rubis nv. OFFERS koorden en touwen exceptional features

Rubis SA. is indeed innovative in its scope.
Our features are therefore inviting. Koorden en touwen

always flexible

To respond flexibly to the most varied demands of the customer do not deter us.
Every question is a challenge for us to offer you the best solution.

customizable support

We provide supporting information and
advice in choosing your products.
contact us.

Competitive Prices

We always offer competitive advantages, competitive prices without losing our high quality standard values.

Flemish High Quality

Flanders is known for rock-solid products. RUBIS always guarantees this high level quality.

New technologies

We make sure that new techniques and technologies are implemented in our productions.

Surprising products

Surprising and refreshing ideas provide added value to your products.

On our weaving looms diverse ribbons are manufactured such as flag lines, judo belts, waist bands, carpet edging trims, medal ribbons, big bags ribbons.

The width of our products vary from 1mm to maximum 200mm.

Apart from our standard items, we can weave optional commodities meeting the customer's demands. Send us the disired item. We will send you a quotation.To fabricate these products cotton, flax and various chemicals are used.


In this department a wide range of cords and ribbons are braided, both elastic and non elastic.

For flat braids, the width varies from 1mm up 30mm.
For round braids, the diameter diverges from 1 mm to maximum 20 mm.

Customer-sized commodities can be manufactured according specific demands.

Various materials are used such as polyester, polyamide, polyacryl, rayon viscose and natural raw materials.

On our knitting machines we manufacture cords, having 1 mm to 12 mm in diameter. 

Knit cords for carrier bags or ready- to- wear clothing are fine examples of our production. Just as in other departments, we can knit specific commodities on cusomers' demands.

Most of the time cotton, polyacryl and polypropylene are used in this department.


The twisted articles perfectly complete our assortment of cords. We can offer you - such as in other departments- a fine range of colouring in various materials and sizes. Specific commodities can also be manufactured on demand.

Cordonnet Uni of BICOLOR of TRICOLOR

About us,... then and now... more than 70 years of experience!

Inspired by and taking advantage of the needs of the flourishing local shoe industry, Leon Daenens set up the " RUBanderie d'ISeghem" in 1946, in order to manufacture shoe laces and strengthening ribbons. Due to the professional zeal on the one hand and flexibility of the company on the other hand, the regression of the shoe industry was set off by the development and manufacture of a wide range of various products wich are briefly presented on this site. In the meantime, the company's activities were handed over to Mr MarkVerbeke who, sharing the same enthusiasm as his predecessors, ensures the further evolution of the company in the area of new technologies. Thanks to the divers production technologies in our separate departments (weaving, braiding, knitting and twisting). Rubis could meat the demands of various industrial sectors and particular markets.


In our specialised production hall we accomodate skilled personnel. Relying on a wide experience of more than 60 years, we will be pleased to help you find the appropriate product.
Do you have questions?
We will be glad to answer them for you!


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